Creative Challenge:

Combining my "synthetic cubist instrument" series with learning a technique, style, or trying a new idea. Current progress on Instagram:
(external link)

Allison Gregory's Website:

Design and Upgrade

A complete redesign of Allison Gregory's Fine Art portfolio. The site uses the latest in web technology which allows the site to re-calibrate to any screen size. Visit the site (external link)

PAWS for a PURRpose:

"Guardin' the Garden"

"LIBRARYdor Retriever"

"Pick of the Litter"

Painted sculptures for auctions benefiting the Texas Humane Legislation Network (THLN).

Austin Guitar Town:


Captures the vibrancy of the Austin live music experience through expressive use of color, shape and visual motion, while presenting an abstract interpretation of Austin's variety of musical styles and venues.

Permanently located on Congress Street between 4th and 5th in downtown Austin, Texas.

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